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Everything to help Baby & Mum enjoy times together with Dribble On Bandana bib's to Organic Washcloths in Pop Ups.
  • Binnie Blankies / Comforters
    Great new range of colourful, cuddly and cute animals blankies / comforters for your little one. These are in five great colours and animals with lush cloth, satin on the back and a surprise with a rattle in the head. Three great animals: Baloo Teddy Bear in Blue, Bella Teddy Bear in Pink, Freddy the Frog in Green, Daisy the Cow in White with Black patches & Lucky Lamb in white/cream.
  • Binnie Cloth Nappies
    **** ARRIVED **** Quality nappy with microfibre inner/insert and double leakage gusset for an incredible price. Five great colours.
  • Blankets
    Bamboo, Natural great Cot Blankets, very soft and good bamboo blanket.
  • Pee-Pee Teepee
    **** AVAILABLE NOW **** A must-have diapering accessory for newborn boys; excellent baby shower gift with guaranteed giggles! With each pack of five Pee-pee Teepees, you have the choice of a flannel laundry bag or cellophane packaging. Terry lined cotton flannel for absorbancy. Cone shaped to fit between baby's thighs. Washable & reusable.
  • Binnie Baby Walkers
    Our Binnie Buddies baby walker provides sturdy support for little ones "on the go". As your baby moves from crawling to taking first steps, the durable Binnie Buddy Baby Walker provides a sturdy platform for baby to get moving.
  • Grow with Me Woombie
    The Grow With Me Swaddle from Woombie expands as your baby grows with an easy zipper adjustment. This snug, stretch design is an ergonomic, peanut shape that allows your little one to sleep soundly from birth to 18 months. Internationally Patented, Protected & Enforced! Copycats beware! Grow With Me Woombie Air and Original One Size Really Does Fit All Finally a Swaddle that will Grow with Baby from Birth to 18months!
  • Nursing Pashmina Shawl
    Binnie Buddies breast feeding shawl that looks like a beautiful scarf. The super soft and glamorous Binnie Buddies Pashmina can be worn long after baby stops feeding as a luxe scarf, and while baby is feeding it provides a little privacy for mum to nurse. Each one includes a trendy bracelet which doubles to help mum remember which side she last fed.
  • Woombie Swaddles
    The Woombie is light, breathable and the easiest swaddle in market! One step swaddling is easily accomplished using our patented design with a multi-dimensional stretch and zipper to prevent unraveling throughout the night.The perfect stretch for baby’s needs. Cotton/Spandex blend. 2way zipper.. Dress baby accordingly underneath.
  • Dribble Ons Designer Bandana Bib
    Have you ever met a baby who doesn’t like a good dribble? Of course not! It’s a natural part of baby hood, especially when new teeth are on the way. Unfortunately, it has its drawbacks. Dribble soaks easily into clothes, meaning that all that moisture gets stuck right next to your baby’s delicate skin, causing soreness. Dribble Ons are designed to solve this problem.

    These are very soft and are great for the new born to 3 months.
    NZ$ 14.95
    NZ$ 9.75
  • SOCK ON's - 0 to 6mths
    Classic & Designer Sock Ons. Keeping socks on babies feet is no simple task. Little kick, tug at the toes and they're off!

    Sock Ons are clever little things that keep those socks on. The garment is worn over the sock and 'locks' it into place with a patent pending design. Sock Ons have been awarded the baby industries most coveted prize for innovation. Sock On's are an ingenious and trendy solution to a very annoying problem and are quickly becoming a necessary item that no baby (or sane parent) can do without!
    NZ$ 9.95
    NZ$ 6.95
  • Sock On Congratulations Card - Girl
    A Great GIFT Card to give for the NEW BABY on the block.

    • Card & Sock Ons in One
    • 0 - 6 Months
    • Made from a very Soft Woven Blend of Elasticised Material
    NZ$ 14.95
    NZ$ 6.95
  • Sock On Congratulations Card - Boy
    A great GIFT to give for thee NEW BABY on the block.

    • Card & Sock Ons in One
    • 0 - 6 Months
    • Made from a Softly Woven Blend of Elasticised Material

    Normal RRP - $14.95
    NZ$ 14.95
    NZ$ 6.95
  • Mocc On BABY Designer - PINK SPOT  50% OFF
    **** GREAT SPECIAL 50% OFF ****

    PINK SPOT Designer BABY Mocc Ons (Moccasins) - great quality turkish cotton and leather - SO SO SOFT & DURABLE - FULLY MACHINE WASHABLE - and part of the co-ordinated Designer On's ranges.
    NZ$ 39.99
    NZ$ 19.99
  • Mocc Ons Designer BALLERINA - 50% OFF
    BALLERINA Designer Mocc Ons - great quality turkish cotton and leather - SO SO SOFT & DURABLE - FULLY MACHINE WASHABLE - and part of the co-ordinated Designer On's ranges.
    NZ$ 39.99
    NZ$ 19.99
  • Pop Ups 50Pkt with FREE 10 Tube
    Pop Ups - 100% Natural, Safe, Allergy Free and Biodegradable moist towelettes.

    Pop Ups are a new way of having moist towelettes anywhere ...... they are compact and come in a resealable bag.

    They are 100% NATURAL, SAFE, ALLERGY FREE and BIODEGRADABLE moist towellettes.

    Can be used and or reused, or just used the once for those one of baby bottom wiping etc. and thrown away knowing that they are 100% Biodegradable.
    NZ$ 17.50
    NZ$ 9.99
  • Designer Mocc On - RAINBOW  50% OFF
    **** GREAT SPECIAL - 50% OFF ****

    RAINBOW Designer Mocc Ons - great quality turkish cotton and leather - SO SO SOFT & DURABLE - FULLY MACHINE WASHABLE - and part of the co-ordinated Designer On's ranges.
    NZ$ 39.99
    NZ$ 19.99
  • Plod Ons - Baby Knee Protectors
    Babies are on their knees for Plod Ons!

    The latest product from Sock Ons is a massive hit with parents.
    NZ$ 14.99
  • Salphant Child
    NATURAL Breathing Reliever for Asthma, Bronchitis & Hayfever.

    Daily use of the Saltpipe Salphant for just several minutes will produce beneficial effects in the following illnesses:
    1. Pollen allergies and other allegies of the respiratory tract
    2. Asthma, Bronchitis
    3. Whooping cough, nasal catarrh, hay-fever and colds
    4. Infectious respiratory diseases
    NZ$ 89.95
    NZ$ 29.99
  • BABY SAFE - Disposable Baby Change Mat
    GREAT 6 Mats per pack, disposable change mats/pads are the convenient and disposable way to take "CLEAN AS HOME" diaper changes everywhere you go. Great for:
    1. Travelling
    2. Visiting
    3. When you are busy
    4. Good Size: 67 x 46cm

    NZ$ 12.95
    NZ$ 5.00
  • Dribble Ons Classic Bandana Bib
    RECOMMENDED by many doctors for the sensitive skin baby .... especially for 0 to 9mths .... it is super soft. Its a good quality dribble bib, comfortable to wear and looks great. VERY SOFT for that soft baby skin.
    NZ$ 12.95
    NZ$ 8.95

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