Freddy Frog Baby Comforter/Blankie with Rattle

Freddy Frog Baby Comforter/Blankie with Rattle
Our Freddy frog blankies are in stock! Made from lush soft cloth on the front and silky satin on the back and with a nice soft rattle in the head.
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Binnie Daisy the Cow Blankie in some wonderful White and Black Patches, it has a soft lush material on the front, head and arms with great rattle then silky smooth satin on the back.

Size is 38 x 38cm.

Fully Machine Washable.

Discover the Freddy Frog Baby Comforter/ Blankie with rattle at Naturally for Babies. This treasured item is part of the colourful, cuddly, soft and cute animals blankie/ baby comforter range from Binnie Blankies.

This warm blankie is perfect for your little one, made with lush soft cloth on its front and silky satin on its back. Featuring a surprise soft rattle in the head, the cheeky Freddy Frog Baby Comforter/ Blankie is the perfect companion toy for your baby.


As babies encounter phases of separation anxiety (usually peaking at around 10-18 months old and typically going away in the last half of your baby's second year), a baby comforter can become a valuable transitional object to console your little one.

With the comfort of a Freddy Frog by their side, your baby can make a positive sleep association with the blankie, helping soothe themselves and drift off at sleep time. The fun of chewing and rattling the soft item is something your baby will enjoy and is safe to use, being free of choking hazards.

Your child will be able to bond with our Freddy Frog Baby Comforter/ Blankie, feeling safe with the item, which is durable and will last for years to come.

Vibrant and Fun

Freddy Frog is designed in a wonderful, vibrant green colour, with high-quality components and a welcoming, fun style. The comfort toy will be one your baby will enjoy, with their new friend and sleep companion being particularly useful while travelling or when your child is sick.

The product is not simply a smooth blanket, but also offers a soft toy where your baby can enjoy the warm blankie or fall asleep on top of their Freddy Frog if they are too hot.