Children with glue ear and grommets all over the world enjoy swimming with Little Grommets! Our Ear bands hold Earplugs in and keep ears dry.
  • Swim Earbands
    Our waterproof swim ear bands come in two adjustable sizes - Toddler/Kids - 6 months to 12 years
    Adult - 10 years to Adult. They are both ENT recommended to keep ears dry when swimming and can be used with grommets.
    NZ$ 22.00
    NZ$ 19.13 excl GST
  • Earplugs
    Safe and malleable, these silicone earplugs mold to all ears. Suitable for all ages and designed to use alongside an ear band. 3 colours available.
    NZ$ 18.25
    NZ$ 15.87 excl GST
  • Swim Kits
    These packs contain a 4 pack of grommets (swim ear plugs), an ear band and a handy mesh bag. Two sizes available to cater for 6 months through to adults!
    NZ$ 52.90
    NZ$ 48.90
    NZ$ 42.52 excl GST
  • Full backpack kits
    These full swim kits contain a wet-friendly Mesh Backpack 1 x Ear Band, 1 x 4-pack of ear plugs and a small zip mesh bag to keep your ear plugs & band safe. ENT approved.
    NZ$ 73.90
    NZ$ 65.90
    NZ$ 57.30 excl GST