PURA Kiki INFANT Stainless Steel Bottles Why Pura Kiki®? - because even BPA-free plastic can leach chemicals and petroleum by-products - because glass can break and chip - because a bottle should work with your child's choice of nipple or spout, not the other way around - because a premium infant bottle should convert to a sippy cup as your child matures - first 100% plastic-free feeding solution on the global market - includes Silicone Nipple/Spout Travel Cover
  • Pura Kiki® 150ml INFANT Stainless Bottle - Slow Teat
    Our smallest bottle at 150ml is perfect for the wee ones and ships with a slow-flow Pura Natural Vent Teat™ and, of course, a stainless steel ring.

    The 150ml bottle combined with our new silicone sealing disks are also great for older kids as they can be used for snacks and variety of drinks... and they fit into almost any lunchbox!
    NZ$ 31.04
    NZ$ 26.99 excl GST
  • Pura Kiki® 325ml INFANT Stainless Bottle - Medium Teat
    The safest infant feeding bottle on the planet! These award winning 325ml Kiki infant bottles are 100% plastic-free, environmentally progressive, and adapts to the needs of your growing child. Both the bottle and nipple/teat collar are crafted from safe, non toxic, high grade #304 stainless steel and our new Natural Vent Nipple™ (medium flow) is made from BPA free medical grade silicone.

    As with all products in the Kiki line, the 11oz infant bottle adapts and grows with your child. Just swap the nipple teat for a sippy cup or open spout as they get older! No need to keep buying different bottles as they grow. These bottles also include a silicone travel cap.
    NZ$ 45.43
    NZ$ 39.50 excl GST
  • Pura Kiki 260ml Insulated INFANT Stainless Bottle
    Kiki INSULATED stainless steel bottles are the safe and environmentally conscious choice for your infant. Not only do these bottles keep liquids warm or cool for up to 6 hours but they are the only 100% plastic-free insulated juvenile bottle on the market. Our multiple patented plastic-free bottles eliminate any chance of BPA, PVC, lead, phthalates, and other petroleum by-products.
    NZ$ 48.29
    NZ$ 41.99 excl GST