Baby care products for a happy and healthy baby

Baby care products for a happy and healthy baby

Helpful care products to help your baby stay happy and healthy

Countless products can enrich your child's life in many different ways - too many to list here! But, of course, there are still essentials that you should look into. A great option for parents is to purchase baby care kits from a trustworthy seller. 

As you shop, remember these care products:

Brushes And Combs
Ensure you purchase a brush and comb that is designed for sensitive infant skin. It's easy to forget that your baby's skin and hair are more sensitive than yours, and rough brushes could easily upset them. These infant brushes and combs will be softer and gentler, perfect for delicate baby skin. 

Nasal Aspirator
Taking care of a baby isn't all giggles and precious memories - there are some things that aren't as fun to deal with. One of these things is stuffy noses and snotty faces. Your poor child won't like having a congested nose, and you won't enjoy how upset your baby is when it happens. Luckily, you can help ease your baby's distress with a nasal aspirator. 

These products are often included in baby care kits, so you should look for a kit that includes one. Remember to always look up how to correctly use a nasal aspirator so you don't harm your baby or yourself. Here's a site that provides more info on this: How to use a nasal aspirator.

Nail Clippers 
Like hair brushes, it can be tricky to remember that your nail clipper might not be appropriate for your little one. Your set might be too big or bulky, not the best option for a new child! Instead, consider buying nail clippers that are meant for infants and small children. 

It’s always good to have a baby-safe thermometer on hand to check for fevers. Good baby thermometers are quick and accurate to reduce the chances of upsetting your child. 

This usually isn't something that comes to mind when people think of baby care, but it can be surprisingly helpful when you want to keep your baby happy and comfortable. A gentle cool mist humidifier can greatly help you control the moisture in your baby's room.  Dry air is irritating for coughs, so adding some moisture back in helps your baby's lungs, nasal passages and throat, staving off those colds and winter nighttime coughs. An efficient humidifier can also prevent your baby's skin from becoming dry. 

Cool mist humidifiers that are also aroma diffusers are ideal if you also want to add essential oils or vapour drops. Lavender for a calming sleep or eucalyptus (or Vicks VapourSteam oil) to help with colds are some ideas. Always check and research how much is suitable for a babies or toddlers room. 

Gentle Healing Balms
Natural ingredients and healthy oils are an important part of choosing a balm suitable for sensitive skin. We choose to stock Oku Kawakawa healing balm as it’s made of natural New Zealand herbs and oils. [Internal Link - 'Oku Kawakawa Healing Balm'] This healing balm is a must-have for NZ parents because it's gentle enough for small children but still effective enough to be enjoyed by adults as well. 

Healing balms can be very useful in baby care when you want to deal with uncomfortable rashes or dry skin. 

Things to remember as you care for your child

Caring is a skill that every parent learns in order to safely take care of their child. Using well-made products will make this job easier, and your child will appreciate your extra love and care. 

Some things to remember are:

  • Your baby is more sensitive to certain feelings, fabrics, materials and chemicals, so things that are fine to you may upset them. Always buy baby-safe products. 

  • Many helpful items are included in baby care kits, so buying one or two is a wonderful idea. Remember to check what is in the kit before you purchase, so you know what you are getting. 

  • Always buy from reputable sellers who use high-quality materials. The best products may cost a bit more than cheaper alternatives, but they are likely to be safer and better for your baby. 

Where to go for lots of helpful baby products

Look no further than our store at Naturally For Babies for helpful and safe infant care products. We have a lovely selection of infant care essentials - check out our baby care kits which are a go-to item for many new parents.

If you have any questions or thoughts about any of our products, please get in touch via our website. We care about you, and we'll do our best to answer any questions you have. 

Give your baby the high-quality care they deserve with care products from Naturally For Babies. 






Posted: Wednesday 14 September 2022

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