TOTSEAT - Washable, Squashable Travel Highchair
The Totseat WASHABLE, SQUASHABLE TRAVEL HIGHCHAIR TRAVEL chair harness is your perfect out-and-about companion. Great quality Otex cotton weave, Baby Safe connectors and have baby at your level at the table ..... enjoy eating together.
NZ$ 68.90
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It converts dining chairs of all shapes and sizes, squashes into its own tiny travel pouch, and is completely machine washable.

It's perfect for babies from around 8 to 36 months, and which has described it as 'well designed' and 'very easy to use'. It really is! The Totseat chair harness is the most versatile on the market, converting high-backed, low-backed, open-backed or rounded dining chairs for your little one. A few quotes:
"The Totseat travel highchair remains my number one baby buy of all time"

"When my four year old was using a high chair I tried a number of versions of portable seats for dining all of which were nowhere near a match to the Totseat."

"We travel quite a bit and the totseat has been used at weddings, other functions, camping, going on holiday, guesthouses, etc. I don't know how I managed all this time without one.