Bath & Toilet

A great selection of fun bath time toys and toilet training aids!
  • Hooded Bath Towel
    Cute soft and fun soft bath towel sets for kids! Both sets include a hooded bath towel, wash mitt and 2 x wash cloths. Two gift pack styles to choose from - flower or koala.
    NZ$ 45.90
    NZ$ 39.90
    NZ$ 34.70 excl GST
  • BABY Bath Thermometers - Binnie Baby
    The Binnie Baby bath thermometers are BABY SAFE and provide the bath temperature for you to check whether it's in a safe range for your baby or toddler. There's five colourful character animals styles - yellow duckie, blue bear, green crockie, purple hippo and a pink piggy!

    Made from PVC & ABS for safety and has a high resistant temperature of 60 degrees C.

    Baby Safe range is 34 - 44 degree C.
    NZ$ 13.50
    NZ$ 11.74 excl GST
  • Disposable Baby Change Mat (6 pack)
    GREAT 6 Mats per pack, disposable change mats/pads are the convenient and disposable way to ensure you always have a clean surface to change your baby on!

    With a waterproof backing, they're also perfect for toddler toilet training (especially those first trips out the house without a nappy on!). Can also use in the car, restaurant chairs, trolley seats.....anywhere you want to ensure a spill or sticky hands won't cause a problem.

    Each messy mat measures 67cm x 46cm
    NZ$ 16.50
    NZ$ 14.35 excl GST
  • Wee target sticker
    Product for the little boys! Position this sticker at the back of the toilet bowl and help your little guy practice his aim. A picture will appear in the black dot when it's hit! Stickers last 4-6 weeks, and there are 4 in a pack.
    NZ$ 13.50 pack
    NZ$ 11.74 excl GST