Salphant Child
NATURAL Breathing Reliever for Asthma, Bronchitis & Hayfever.

Daily use of the Saltpipe Salphant for just several minutes will produce beneficial effects in the following illnesses:
1. Pollen allergies and other allegies of the respiratory tract
2. Asthma, Bronchitis
3. Whooping cough, nasal catarrh, hay-fever and colds
4. Infectious respiratory diseases
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At the end of the 20th century the number of allergic, asthmatic and other illnesses connected to respiratory problems have grown explosion-like. As a consequence of the huge amount of irritating contamination which attack our breathing system day by day. Since the negative effects of the air pollution seem to be completely inescapable, we should clean, and maintain the good condition of our respiratory tructs the same way as our skin or hair, etc. Cavern therapies - in their unique way - are very successful, because during inhaling the tiny salt crystal solutions we clean, and further more, relax, regenerate the whole breathing system. However, these therapies are very expensive, time-consuming and immobile.

Saltpipe is a patented instrument with what anyone can obtain all the advantages of the salt crystal therapy in his/her freetime. We collected special salt crystals - and fitted between the ceramic filters of the instrument - which are originated from the most famous caverns of Europe, where, according to medical statistics there is a 90% possibility for the success of improving the condition fo patients suffering from respiratory illesses. The instrument contains Halit mineral salt crystals which originates back to the middle-miocen era. The 20-22 million years old beneficial minerals reach all the points of the respiratory system on a micro level while breathing through the ceramic filters of the Saltpipe.

Furthermore, the instrument is perfectly appropriate for the completion of salt crystal therapy with volatile oil (vapourising) therapy. Pouring a very small amount of volatile oil on the lower ceramic filter of the Saltpipe we can intensify the beneficial physiological effects, since the properly chosen volatile oils have also regenerating, cleaning and relaxing influence. For example the myrhh, eucalipt, peppermint, etc. In case of using volatile oils the lower filter of the instrument can become discoloured, but this fact does not effect the functioning of the Saltpipe.

The active substances of the instrument are about 5-6 decagramms of the Halit salt crystals - in a varied form - from the middle-miocen period. The composition consists of: NaCl 98,7% CaSO4 0,1% MgCl2 0,028% CaCl2 0,13% Fe2O3 0,00056%, and in small amount: K, I, Br.

The instrument contains ingredients sufficient for 5 years

Application of the set (instrument): Putting the instrument between our lips, breathing through it - with normal intensity - and exhaling through the nose. The forced, heavy inhaling is unnecessary and avoidable! When the cleaning process starts, old crusts and sediments are leaving the body with coughing or through nasal discharge. The suggested time of application is 15-20 minutes daily, but we can raise the duration of the treatment up to 1 or even to 2 hours. In order to hit the best results we should use the instrument on a regular basis, rather than only seasonally. Clean it only with a slightly wet sponge, since water mustn't contact with the instrument.

With a few minutes of daily application we can beneficially influence the:

1. Asthma, bronchitis
2. Pollen, and other allergies attacking the respiratory system
3. The symptoms of the cold and the Flu
4. Infectious respiratory illnesses
5. And last but not least, the respiratory problems, caused by smoking.