Grow with Me 0-18mths - Mandala
Woombie Grow With Me
Safe Smart & Super Effective Swaddle + Sleep Bag
Grows With Baby!
0-18M, 2.25kg - 11.5kg+

5 Stage Swaddle and Sleep Bag
Stage 1: Zip Stays Closed
Stage 2: Unzip bottom corner expands 3cm and adds 10cm length
Stage 3: Unzip all the way around to expand 6cm wider + 10cm length
Stage 4: Open arm snaps on sides to allow for "arm-free" sleep
Stage 5: Extra Length 15cm
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Features of the Woombie:

  • Ergonomically shaped design allows a more natural approach to swaddling
  • Easy to Use
  • Will not unravel like a baby blanket, potentially covering the airway
  • Encourages back sleeping, as babies are more likely to maintain on their backs in swaddling
  • Prevents the rooting reflex and face scratching by keeping hands away from face during swaddling
  • Promotes self soothing by allowing baby to hold/touch their hands inside the swaddle
  • Hip Healthy swaddling and shoulder-healthy swaddling design allows for non restricted motion
  • Stretchy but snug swaddling fabric simulates the feeling of being held, touched and cuddled
  • Narrowed waistline gently compresses the abdomen, helping to eliminate gas related issues and provide additional tummy comfort during swaddling
  • Multi-dimensional swaddling fabric snuggles and moves "with" baby, mimicking the womb-like environment baby was accustomed
  • Allows natural arm and leg movement during swaddling while sleeping
  • One Layer Lightweight and breathable swaddling fabric helps prevent overheating
  • Two-way zipper in the swaddle allows for easy nappy changes at night
  • Seamless swaddling interior provided more comfort for baby
  • Designed by a Certified Infant Care Specialist and Nursing team
  • Swaddling eases transition from womb to world
  • Easy swaddle cleaning/care

Internationally Patented, Protected & Enforced!  Copycats beware!

Stage Swaddle and Sleep Bag

Stage 1: Swaddle
0-3 Months/ 2.2 - 6 kg, For babies 50cm+ long, Zip Stays Closed, Fully Zipped
Benefits: Stretchy Fabric, Ergonomic Design, Mimics Womb, Promotes Self Soothing

Stage 2: Swaddle +
2-4 Months/ 5.5 - 7.25 kg, For babies 56cm+ long, Unzip bottom corner expands 3cm and adds 10cm length, Unzip 2/3 Way
Benefits: "In-between" Size, Covers Growth Spurts, Unzip to bottom opposite corner

Stage 3: Expanded Swaddle
3-6 Months/ 6 - 8.5 kg, For babies 60cm+ long, Unzip all the way around to expand 6cm wider + 10cm length, Fully Unzipped
Benefits: Converts to new size, Extra Hip Space, Mimics the Womb, Prepares for new milestones

Stage 4: Transitioning
6-9 Months/ 9 - 11.5 kg, For babies 60cm+ long, Arms Free
Benefits: Arms free sleep, Easy transitioning, Extra length as needed, Promotes Self Soothing

Stage 5: Sleeping Bag
9 - 18 Months/ 9+ kg, Extra Length 15cm For babies 68cm - 84cm long, Open arm snaps on sides to allow for "arm-free" sleep, Fully Unzipped
Benefits: Super length, Room to Grow, Promotes Self Soothing