Coochi Cocoose Hooded Towel Bathing Apron

Coochi Cocoose Hooded Towel Bathing Apron
Coocoose Coochi's baby bathing apron COOCOOSE, is the ideal product to turn bath time into a safe fun time.

Coocoose is made of very high quality soft 100% Turkish cotton, very very soft, designed to let mum or dad hold their baby safe after the bath, wrapping the toddler quickly and comfortably dry in a towel which has been pre-warmed draped against their body.
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Tested by mums, midwives and health visitors, Louise - midwife and mother of 4 children - says that "Coocoose makes bath time safe, fun and easy, preventing parents from getting stressed out and turning bath time into a happy time".

After their first experience with Coocoose, mums and dads realize that this towel is essential to the daily bath. Baby bathing without Coocoose becomes unthinkable!

It is a classic design suitable for modern parents, which can be used by the whole family as it can be fitted and adapted to any body size.

The towel includes a hood, perfect for the baby's first months and up to 4 years old.

Perfect features: 

100% pure soft cotton 
Extra large, 140x140 cm, about 80 cm more than the usual sizes found in the market 
Perfect for moms and dads 
Pre-warmed by your body 
Easy to fit and use 
Comforts your baby quickly and pleasantly
Keeps both your hands free for safe and calm bathing 
Protects you from splashes 
Quick drying

12 March 2015 (I love reviews from Dad's!)

"The Cocoose is a great help at bath time - it's really handy to have the towel there ready to go without having to try to hold bub one handed or worry about dropping wet washers and bath toys etc on the floor. It's really made my life much easier". 
David, ACT 

10 October 2014

The Coocoose Bath Apron came in it's own calico carry bag so I knew I was in for something special before I even looked at the product. My very first impression was how soft and snuggly the Bath Apron is. After I washed and dried it (in the dryer), it maintained the softness, very luxurious for bub. Given the quality of the towel, I'm sure it will stay snuggly for a long time. Now, to bath time. I often get in the bath with both kids and hubby will sit nearby to join in the fun. He wore the apron to stay dry as you can imagine, there is a lot of splashing going on!! When worn as an apron, the towel kept hubby dry, therefore no need for a change of clothes and less washing for me! Then with a quick unclip at the back, he could easily wrap up our daughter and she was immediately cosy and easy to dry. There was no fumbling about trying to get the towel around her (regular towels are always a little awkward to get into position with a slippery baby). Also no dropping of the towel into puddles of water since the Coocoose is secured like an apron. And while hubby was wearing the towel, his body heat seemed to warm it up for bub. The cute little hood also dries bub’s head. Then, heading into her room, just a quick unclip of the neck piece, and bub stays wrapped up while you’re free to get nappy and pyjamas. 
Nicola, QLD

21 September 2014 

Coochi Coocoose..... Love it! I have four kids and so wish I had this towel (coocoose) when my first baby was born. It has made bathing my baby girl so much easier. With my other kids I used hooded towels and always struggled to pick them up out of the bath and wrapping them up was a pain as I would always have too much towel on one side and not enough on the other. The coocoose because it is an apron style just makes it so much easier to do all this. Highly Recommend to all mums with new babies! 
Fiona, NSW

25th July 2014

I have the 'Coocoose' bath apron which was given to me by a friend for my baby shower and it is fabulous. Really handy and easy to use, very convenient when trying get my bubba out of the bath and not having to worry about juggling a towel at the same time. 
Susan, NSW

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