These accessories designed for the Binnie Baby eco-friendly modern cloth nappy brand, but they would fit to most standard pocket nappies.
  • Binnie Microfibre Inserts - 4 pack
    A great addition to any of our sustainable Binnie Baby reusable nappies. These soft, absorbent reusable micro-fibre inserts come in a 4 pack, and are machine washable. You can also use them with our biodegradable bamboo nappy liners to make (solid) changes easy.
    NZ$ 16.90
    NZ$ 14.70 excl GST
  • Binnie Baby nappy pins
    Safety lock nappy pins for cloth nappies. Pack of 10.
    NZ$ 10.90 box
    NZ$ 9.48 excl GST
  • Binnie Baby Bamboo Charcoal Inners Pack of 3
    A great addition to your sustainable Binnie Baby charcoal bamboo nappies or any of the Binnie Baby Eco-Friendly nappy ranges. These come in a 3 Pack, and each one contains 4 layers of sustainable bamboo charcoal Inners are really easy to clean and super soft for babies skin. You can also use them with our sustainable, biodegradable bamboo liners to make (solid) changes easy.
    NZ$ 21.30
    NZ$ 18.90
    NZ$ 16.44 excl GST