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We have a great selection of different bandana bibs ..... soft, organic, 3-layered etc. A good selection of Dribble Ons that are recommended for sensitive skin babies or toddlers.
  • Buzzy Bee Bib
    Buzzy Bee Navy Bib with All Over Buzzy Pattern on the reverse. One Size
    NZ$ 10.50
    NZ$ 9.95
    Out Of Stock
  • SKIBZ - Skibz Funky All-Day Dribble Bib - 50% OFF
    Quality Skibz’ all-time best-selling bandana dribble bibs that takes you from dawn to dusk. ALL DAY Funky bib. 3 LAYERS - NO WET Neck or Chest ... wow! A true ALL-DAY Bandana Bib.

    Award Winning Funky Baby Bibs...

    If your baby or toddler dribbles, our funky baby bib not only looks great, it actually works!

    Highly absorbent, great quality and comfortable enough to be worn all day, Skibz is the original designer baby accessory taking the world of baby bibs by storm.
    NZ$ 22.50
    NZ$ 11.25
  • Dribble Ons Classic Bandana Bib
    RECOMMENDED by many doctors for the sensitive skin baby .... especially for 0 to 9mths .... it is super soft. Its a good quality dribble bib, comfortable to wear and looks great. VERY SOFT for that soft baby skin.
    NZ$ 12.95
    NZ$ 8.95
  • Kiwiana Dribble Bibs
    Great Kiwiana Dribble Ons ....... mainly NZ well known logo's ..... e.g. Map, Kiwi, Fernleaf, Pohutakawa, Tiki etc.

    RECOMMENDED by many doctors for the sensitive skin baby .... especially for 0 to 9mths .... it is super soft.
    NZ$ 17.95
    NZ$ 12.95
  • Dribble Ons Designer Bandana Bib
    Have you ever met a baby who doesn’t like a good dribble? Of course not! It’s a natural part of baby hood, especially when new teeth are on the way. Unfortunately, it has its drawbacks. Dribble soaks easily into clothes, meaning that all that moisture gets stuck right next to your baby’s delicate skin, causing soreness. Dribble Ons are designed to solve this problem.

    These are very soft and are great for the new born to 3 months.
    NZ$ 14.95
    NZ$ 9.75
  • Doublez - Reversible Skibz Bandana Bibs
    This 3 layer ALL-DAY REVERSIBLE bandana bib is super absorbent.

    A great addition to the already great funky ALL-DAY Bandana Bib. Our bandana-style dribble bibs are so soft and comfortable. The adjustable press stud fastening ensures a snug fit around your child’s neck and the unique, double-layer backing is highly absorbent, so moisture is drawn away from your baby’s delicate skin. No more soreness and chafing.
    NZ$ 24.99
    NZ$ 12.75
  • Organic Baby Skibz Bandana Bib -- 50+% OFF
    Skibz Organic bibs provide the softest touch for newborn’s delicate skin. Our Baby Organic bib is a must for bonny boys... and girls! Named as one of The Independent's '14 Best Organic Baby Gifts' and Mini Vogue's '10 Best Natural Products For Babies', surely this is the perfect gift for a brand new baby?
    NZ$ 21.50
    NZ$ 9.99

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